How much costs a #NH90 #Helicopter ?

NH90 launching Flares | (c) Saab


Like cars, helicopters costs can deeply vary depending of integrated NextGen technologies, equipment and options.


However, some official figures exists…

Here are for the #NH90 #helicopter :


According to a Senate report on the Financial Act 2014, French NH90 ‘Caïmans’ cost :

  • Around 30 M€ for a TTH[?] of the ALAT[?] or a Utility/SAR[?]-dedicated NFH[?]
  • Around 45 M€ for a Naval Warfare NFH[?] (equipped with ASW[?] / ASuW[?] missions systems)
    Plus 2 torpedos MU90 (+/- 1.5 M€ each)


Actually, this is the direct acquizition price of each aircraft, but not their life-cost which record additional resources, such as development cost, spares & support or operating costs.

For example, New-Zealand NH90 program (which covers 8 NH90 ‘Warrior‘ + 1 airframe) recorded a total cost of 771.6 M€ @ mid-2013 (source: NZ MoD).




Keywords :
TTH = Tactical Transport Helicopter
NFH = Nato Frigate Helicopter
ALAT = French Army's Light Aviation Wing
ASW = Anti-Submarine Warfare
ASuW = Anti-Surface Warfare
SAR = Search-And-Rescue

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