The F35 in the US ‘Vision 2020+’ Strategy

(This is a re-publication of an article dated 20th Feb. 2013)

The F35 is certainly the most emblematic equipment of the ‘modern’ US Strategy

The #F35 is certainly the most emblematic equipment of the ‘modern’ #US Strategy !

It is especially designed for :

  • Countering modern Long-Range Ground-to-Air defence systems (stealthness)
  • Countering aerial defence (stealthness)
  • Air-to-Ground missions against ‘1st defence-ring’ (with, typically, the weapons bays)
  • Air-to-Ground Precise strikes (in completion of bombers, adapted for larger targets)
  • Being easily deployed on, and opterated from, Forward Command Bases (including carriers)
  • F35 main mission types : #F18 replacement :

  • Ennemy facilities targetting (such as radar installations or anti-aircraft battery)
  • Air-support against armoured vehicules
  • F35 typical wars context : ‘Blitzkrieg’ (quick efficient war) :

  • Gulf war (1991)
  • Bosnia (1995)
  • Iraq (2003)
  • Libya (2012)
  • In other hand, even it is described as a multi-role aircraft…

    It is not optimized of :

  • Large Air-to-Ground strikes (due to a limited loading capacity)
  • Forward Air-to-Ground strikes (limited range and speed)
  • Air-to-Air missions (limited speed, external capacity, and G limits)
  • Close Air Support
  • Endurance missions (limited range)
  • F35 is unsuitable for :

  • Guerrilla‘ (Afghanistan)
  • ‘Strength Forces’ war [Long-Term / WW] (no recent case)
  • About F35 :
    F-35 ‘Lightning II’ by @LockheedMartin

    F35 in the US Vision :

    Even the critics over F35 performances and the fact that it is potentially inadapted for some customers strategies, the aircraft is rightly designed to complete the US ‘Vision 2020+’, facing to modern conflicts, in its role of F18 replacement :

  • Air-to-Ground strikes on ‘1st defence-ring‘ : performed by F35 [F18/F16 replacement]
  • Air-to-Ground Precise strikes : performed by F35 [F18 replacement]
  • Large Air-to-Ground strikes : performed by bomber
  • Forward Air-to-Ground strikes : performed by UCAV or bomber
  • Air-to-Air missions : performed by #F22 [F15/F16 replacement]
  • Close Air Support : performed by helicopter AH64 ‘Apache Longbow’
  • Endurance missions : performed by #UCAV
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