Stealth BlackHawk « leaked » is a mock-up

(This is a re-publication of an article dated 5th Sept. 2012)

Mock-up of the Stealth BlackHawk (possibly used in a movie about the Operation Geronimo ?)

Is the one in the picture the fictional chopper used in the new movie or something else? (The Aviationist : David Cenciotti)

Mock-up for 5 reasons :

  1. There is no antenna (even on the roof) !
  2. … While a usual military helo have around 30 to 40 kind of different sensors & antennas.

  3. Blades fixation :
  4. If you look at the blades fixations and pitches head, it seems to be a mock-up (such as EC175 model) and not a real one.
    EC175 mock-up

    Some hydraulics are missing on the mock-up compared to te Main Rotor Head of a real Balck-Hawk.
    UH60 Main Rotor Head

  5. 5 blades :
  6. I am at the origin of that aspect :
    I was the 1st that proposed the #Stealth #BlackHawk might have a 5-blade Main Rotor (in order to use the noise reduction of this kind of rotor), during discussion on the forum of
    … But I have to say I was wrong : after viewing and viewing again the picture showing the wreackage of the Main Rotor, I am quietly sure it was finaly a 4-blade only :
    If you look at the main rotor, it seems to have 90° between pitches.
    Wreckage of the Main Rotor Head of the Stealth BlackHawk downed

  7. Position of the Rotor Head :
  8. In order to optimize the noise reduction and avoid sources of noise, the Main Rotor Head may be as close as possible to the roof of the airframe (refer to the AS365 X ‘DGV’ and/or EC665 ‘Tiger’ cases).
    At least cowlings would have been added in order to both improve aerodinamics and reduce wind-sound.
    AS365 X 'DGV'

  9. FLIR :
  10. We can truely suppose the « Stealth #BackHawk » are equipped with a FLIR.
    And on the photo showing the [mock-up of a] #StealthBlackHawk, it does not seems to have one…
    I personaly supposes it to be upper-nose (as applied on MH60) and partially covered (like the FLIR of F117).
    SH-60B/F Sea Hawk

  11. Tail Rotor ?
  12. … It is sad we do not have any photo of the mock-up showing the tail-rotor :
    We could have checked if it is a 5-blade rotor (which is the case of the Stealth Black-Hawk) while some communities supposed it might have 6 blades.
    Wreckage of the Tail Rotor of the Stealth BlackHawk downed

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